Call me sweet cheeks.

I recently just got my cheeks pierced, I love them! Yes, maybe I have a little obsession with body “mutilation” but the pain is so, how do I even say this?

So. perfect.

Feeling that cold metal push through my skin, the pressure, the burning. It relaxes my body. It’s a small rush of endorphins that makes my body shake.

And they look AH-MAZE-IN.

One side is slighting infected though, but I won’t be taking them out, not unless there is puss, rather than lymph.

Fun fact – taking a piercing out in the early stages of infection can actually trap the infection in!

Maybe I should be a piercer rather than a vet nurse? Some days I think I could hurt people. Some days, I don’t think I could. It must take a lot to be about to push metal through someone else’s skin.
I highly doubt I could.

My psychologist once tried to tell me that piercings and tattoos are a self harm tactic. I think she needs to re-think her career. I don’t get a piercing to hurt myself, despite liking the pain.

In all honesty. I do it because I want to do something, it’s an impulse thing. I want some change. I want something different. I want to express my manic episodes. I want to splurge.

I don’t think there is a problem with someone who enjoys getting a piercing or a tattoo.

It’s so human to judge.


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