So, I’m coming out of a episode, finally. It felt like forever and it’s only been a short amount of time, (hence my inactivity)

I was starting to convince myself that I needed to buckle down for the longhaulbro.

I’m finally able to hold a conversation now, without saying “what?” “Huh?”
It’s frustrating when people give me this mean girls impersonation of a stink eye when I haven’t been listening to their melodramatic story. My mind isn’t elsewhere, it’s just blank.

Black, completely empty. Exactly how my body is feeling, nonexistent, it’s aching, but there’s just nothing inside.

Psychologist is annoying me. Asks the most idiotic questions, then gets offended if I ask her if she is a simpleton. I’m not a sociopath.
Just because I’m going through a phase of literally not giving a fuck about people, doesn’t mean I have something else “wrong” with me. Open your text books, try again precious.

Maybe, I’m a little bit of a bitch. I don’t know. I’ll care tomorrow. Maybe.

Apparently a study that happened recently showed that being a night-owl means that you have some kind of mental illness. So, how crazy are you?


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