Call me sweet cheeks.

I recently just got my cheeks pierced, I love them! Yes, maybe I have a little obsession with body “mutilation” but the pain is so, how do I even say this?

So. perfect.

Feeling that cold metal push through my skin, the pressure, the burning. It relaxes my body. It’s a small rush of endorphins that makes my body shake.

And they look AH-MAZE-IN.

One side is slighting infected though, but I won’t be taking them out, not unless there is puss, rather than lymph.

Fun fact – taking a piercing out in the early stages of infection can actually trap the infection in!

Maybe I should be a piercer rather than a vet nurse? Some days I think I could hurt people. Some days, I don’t think I could. It must take a lot to be about to push metal through someone else’s skin.
I highly doubt I could.

My psychologist once tried to tell me that piercings and tattoos are a self harm tactic. I think she needs to re-think her career. I don’t get a piercing to hurt myself, despite liking the pain.

In all honesty. I do it because I want to do something, it’s an impulse thing. I want some change. I want something different. I want to express my manic episodes. I want to splurge.

I don’t think there is a problem with someone who enjoys getting a piercing or a tattoo.

It’s so human to judge.


Blogging for mental health.

Who actually knew, that creating a blog would be considered as a technique to help you deal with your mental health, how things have changed.

I’m not sure if my blog is private, the app is difficult to navigate, I’m not worried, there are far too many depressing blogs out there for people to bother looking at mine, which is actually my preference.

Writing daily entries is no doubt going to be difficult for me, I can barely remember to feed myself, let alone blog, but, a girls gotta try. Right?

It’s slightly interesting that every word I type, I’m hearing it in my own voice, hmm, maybe that’s why online bullying is as terrible as people say, who knows.

Maybe this will become like my diary, I’m not sure though, I haven’t used a diary in at least five years.

Well. Here goes nothing.