Selfish bitch.

When I’m talking to people, I’m flooded with messages, calls, IM’s from social media asking for my advice.

I, for starters have no fucking idea why they ask me, most of them literally don’t listen, then proceed to message back, admitting they wished the had of listened.

Secondly, all I do is ask them questions, and awkwardly jump to an option that seems different, but realistic and favourable in my opinion. It’s basic logic. “No, don’t go have sex with the girl that cheated on you”

But, I guess I’m selfish in the sense, that not a single person asks me how I’m doing, if I’m okay, maybe I need advice? Maybe I what someone to just “talk” to.

Being a friend is usually defined as

a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.

The roles of a friend, usually include – your personal mental health saver, friends act as your personal therapist. Who you mostly likely tell your dirty secrets to. You know that you can go to them for advice and for perspective on a situation you are facing. Friends should defend you, stick by you, and always have your back, they should be consistent motivators, supporters and companions, and in my case, thought provokers.

But, what so you do when it’s obvious that it is one sided? Obviously, they aren’t considered a friend, because the personal gain is purely the point of focus. Should two people share an individual personal gain from a friendship, or is it just something that we have just come to expect from another person?

Is it because we are selfish? Am I selfish? How do you categorise a relationship between two people, which only benefits one? Would an outsider looking in consider the relationship as one side being used by the other?

Why do I put so much fucking thought into this shit?

Some might even say, that I am a good friend, because I provide all the right ” qualities” a friend is expected to process. Maybe, I could argue, that my friends are just bad friends?

I’m fairly certain that it’s just me. It usually is.